Kratom Without Compromise.

At Kr8om, our mission is to create the finest, most consistent kratom in the world. Using our revolutionary proprietary extraction process, we have yielded a superior kratom extract that is pure, and precise. Our extract consistently provides the full benefits of the wondrous kratom plant.

While our Liquid Extract is by far our most popular product, we offer an extensive variety of Kratom products including capsules, tablets, raw powders, and extract-enhanced powder.


We craft our kratom with immense care using our proprietary, all-natural, alkaloid-isolating extraction method. This process preserves the integrity and viability of the coveted Mitragyna Speciosa plant.


Our safe, pure, and effective products adhere to the rigorous standards of the American Kratom Association and they are all proudly produced in the USA at our state-of-the-art facilities. You can be assured that each product is 100% natural and organic free of any chemicals or additives.


Our all-natural products feature the world’s finest, alkaloid-rich kratom leaves that have been ethically harvested and sustainably sourced from its native, tropical environment in Southeast Asia.

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